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Johannes Koponen


Johannes Koponen, Head of Foresight, Demos Helsinki

The core of Johannes Koponen’s expertise lies in strategic futures studies and development of business models through the scenario method and other futures studies methods. He is an award-winning innovator of change that transcends various disciplines and sectors of society.

Johannes is the co-founder and current CEO of Scoopinion that won the biggest Nordic media innovation award in 2011 (Uutisraivaaja, by Helsingin Sanomat Foundation). In 2013, his project Herring, a computer game used to aid children’s hearing tests in three Finnish university hospitals, won a major healthcare gamification award (Gesundheit, by Finnish innovation fund).

He has taken part in the design of a preventative health centre and the testing of training robots for dementia patients in Forum Virium Helsinki, been responsible for the development of a PSA-system, designed the social innovation facilitation process Soundbites, and prototyped a device which is used by drivers to compete in vehicle fuel efficiency at Stanford University.

Johannes holds a M.Sc. (Tech.) from knowledge intensive business major at Aalto University. He also has a broad understanding in communication and media research, and is currently working on his PhD at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Communication. In addition he teaches futures studies in the Aalto University and Open University.