Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Dr. Asaf Adi


Asaf Adi
Dr. Asaf Adi, Senior Manager, IoT and Wearables at IBM Haifa Research Lab

Dr. Adi is a Senior Manager for IoT and Wearables at IBM Research Lab in Haifa. He has more than fifteen years of experience at IBM Research in a wide range of roles and projects. Currently he manages a team focused on developing enterprise solution that are enabled by IOT, Wearable and Mobile devices. Asaf is an evangelist for wearable computing in the enterprise, co-leads the IBM internal wearable community and an active member of the Israel wearables community. Asaf filed 16 patents and published over 10 conference papers and journal articles

Person Centric IoT

The IoT global standard initiative defines IoT as a network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. Traditional view of “things” as physical objects (car, machine, appliance) drives a machine to machine focused IoT that overlook the centrality of people. The emergences of mobile and wearable technologies open the opportunity to new IoT applications in the industrial, military, consumer, and healthcare industries. In this session we will discuss what is Person Centric IoT and how a focus on people transforms industries and enables new business opportunities. We will share our main insights on Person Centric IoT in the enterprise, show how businesses are using IoT and Wearable technologies to engage customers in new ways and increase employee productivity and discuss how organizations can prepare to build a sustainable and valuable approach for the Person Centric IoT era.