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Amal Graafstra


Amal Graafstra, Technologist, Author and Double RFID Implantee, Dangerous Things (USA)

Adventure technologist and biohacker Amal Graafstra has always been interested in technology. In 2005 he became the world’s first double RFID implantee. Amal had two small RFID tags implanted, one into each hand, and he uses those implants to open doors, start his vehicles, and log into his computer. Since implanting himself, he’s written a book called RFID Toys, become a TEDx speaker, appeared on a multitude of television programs, has been the subject of multiple documentaries, and started a company called Dangerous Things which developed the world’s first and only NFC compliant implantable chip. He continues to explore biohacking and transhumanism as he continues to develop implantable technologies from his Seattle based offices.

Bridging the gap between biological and digital identity